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LearnEnglishBest / Для самых маленьких / Загадки на английском для детей о животных

A very long nose.
It grows and grows,
He is huge and likes fun.
It's ... (An elephant) - Слон

The animal that has a long trunk is ...
(An elephant) - Слон

Green and long
With many teeth.
Beautiful smile -
It's ... (A crocodile) - Крокодил

As red as fire,
With a fuzzy tale.
He likes long walls
It's ... (Fox) - Лиса

The animal that has a red bushy tail is ... (A fox) - Лиса

He is not a tailor,
But carries needles with him.
(A hedgehog) - Еж

A lot of spots,
A long, long neck
A funny scarf.
It's a ... (Giraffe) - Жираф

It's grey, but it's not a wolf,
Long-eared, but not a horse,
With hools, but not a horse.
What is it?
(An ass, a donkey) - Осел

The animal who can go without food and water for a long time is ... (A camel) - Верблюд

What has a cat which no other animal has? (A kittens) - Котята

What animal sleeps all the winter with its head hanging down?
(A bat) - Летучая мышь

The animal that is very timid and is afraid of everything is ... (A hare) - Заяц

The animal that sleep all winter in a den is ... (A bear) - Медведь

The animal that has a beautiful year skin with black stripes is ... (A tiger) - Тигр

The animal that has a pouch in which she xarries her babies is ... (A kangaroo) - Кенгуру

The animal that has long hair around its neck is ... (A lion) - Лев

The animal that has a horn on its nose is ... (A rhinoceros) - Бегемот

The animal that has a beautiful white skin with black stripes is ... (A zebra) - Зебра

The animal that can hang by its long tail is ... (A monkey) - обезьяна

Not a horseman, but wears spurs.
Not a watchman, but wakes people up.
What is it?
(A cock) - Петух

A little fellow
Dresses in grey,
Hops here and there
And never goes away.
(A sparrow) - Воробей

It sleeps in the day-time,
It flies at night
And frighens passers-by.
(An owl) - Сова

There hangs a sieve,
Made by no man's hands.
(A web) - Паутина

Загадки на английском для детей о животных
Загадки на английском для детей о животных

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