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LearnEnglishBest / Рассказы, статьи / Топик Travelling — Путешествия

Travelling — Путешествия

People travel for different purposes. Some people travel on business, others travel to visit their relatives and friends, but most people travel to see the world.

There are two ways of travelling: using one's own means of transport and using public transportation. One can travel by car, by plane, by ship, by train, by coach or on foot depending on what one prefers: comfort or speed.

One of the most comfortable ways of travelling is travelling by ship. Modern ships have got everything on board to make people feel at home. Luxurious liners offer swimming pools, bars, restaurants, even shops and casinos. However, there are disadvantages of sea travel. The main disadvantage is the price: tickets are rather expensive. Some people can also get seasick and their journey can be spoilt.

Unlike sea travel, going by air is the fastest way of travelling. Modern planes are comfortable and it is always nice to reach the destination point within hours, even if you travel to another part of the globe.

Land offers the greatest variety of transport both on wheels and on rail. Travelling by train is quite popular: people travel from one city to another by train if there is no flight connection between them or if the distance between the places is not too big. Modern trains are comfortable and travelling by train is convenient and cheaper than travelling by plane or ship.

Nowadays, a lot of people travel by coach too. There are special international bus tours which offer travelling throifgh several countries. However, such tours also have disadvantages. Some people may feel sick in coaches; it is also not very comfortable to sleep on a bus seat. Moreover, tourists usually do not have enough time to see the sights of this or that city when they travel by coach.

My favourite way of travelling is by car. To my mind, this is one of the most comfortable means of travelling, especially if the destination is not too far. I always enjoy looking through the window while going in a car. One can travel to different towns and cities of your native country and even abroad. In summer I like travelling on foot, or hiking. My friends and I take tents, backpacks, food and start walking. This way of travelling is rather slow, but you have an opportunity of spending a lot of time outdoors and you do not have to think about tickets or missing a train or a plane. It is so nice to sleep in a tent in the open air too.

If you decide to travel by any means of transport you'll have to get ready for the trip. If you travel by plane, train or ship, you have to book tickets beforehand which can be done either online or in a travel agency. When travelling by plane, you have to be at the airport two hours before an international flight and one hour before a domestic flight. At the airport you will have to go through the passport control and security check, have "your luggage (of a limited weight) checked and then wait until the plane is ready for take-off. Sometimes, however, the flight can be delayed, so you have to wait at the airport.

When you go by train, it is easier, because you have to go through ticket control only and you may take more than 20 kilograms of luggage with you.

When travelling on vacation you should look for accommodation appropriate to your demands. There are hotels and motels which differ in price and comfort. Before the arrival you should make a room reservation at a hotel. All this should be done beforehand over the phone or on the Internet in case the hotel is full when you arrive. A special cheap kind of accommodation for young people is youth hostels where it is possible to stay overnight at a low price. Some tourists prefer to rent a room on their own.

Travelling is always nice: it gives you an opportunity to see interesting places and meet new people. I like travelling a lot!

План-ответ по топику Travelling

  1. Вступление (why people travel/purpose of travelling).
  2. Рассказать о видах транспорта для путешествий (one's own transport/public transportation/car/plane/ship/train/coach/on foot, etc.).
  3. Рассказать о типичных видах транспорта для путешествий, их достоинства и недостатки (by ship: comfortable/luxurious/great view/expensive/seasick, etc.; by air. fast/comfortable; by train: popular/not expensive/comfortable/convenient/cheap; by coach: travel across several countries/can be not comfortable/people may get sick/not much time for the sights).
  4. Рассказать о своём любимом виде транспорта для путешествий (My favourite way of travelling is...; it is one of the most comfortable means of travelling; I think so because..., etc.).
  5. Рассказать о подготовке к путешествию, о том, что необходимо сделать (book tickets/be at the airport ... hours before the flight/go through passport control/security check/have one's luggage checked/look for accommodation/make a room reservation, etc.).
  6. Заключение (Travelling is always nice: it gives you an opportunity to see interesting places and meet new people. I like travelling a lot!).

Вопросы к топику — Questions

  1. Where do you usually spend your holidays?
  2. Do you go with your family?
  3. Where did you go when you were younger?
  4. Do you prefer to swim in the sea or in a swimming pool?
  5.  What do you think of spending a holiday in a village?
  6. How much pocket money do you get on holidays?
  7. Do you spend more than at home?
  8. How do you feel when your holidays are over?
  9. Would you like to spend your holidays cruising in the Mediterranean?
  10. Which do you prefer, winter or summer holidays?
  11. What do you think about taking all your holidays at the same time?
  12. Do you think it's better to take holidays in parts?
  13. What is better to spend holidays with the family or with friends?
  14. Have you ever been camping? if so, where?
  15. What do you think of camping?
  16. What are the advantages and disadvantages of camping?
  17. Do you take any school books to revise?
  18. What about reading? Do you read during your holidays?
  19. Do you meet any English-speaking people during your holidays?
  20. Do you practise any other languages?
  21. What do you think of spending your holidays learning languages?
  22. What do you think of working during your holidays?
  23. Are holidays short or long? How long should they be?

Полезные слова и фразы — Useful words and phrases

Means of transport Виды транспорта
passenger пассажирский
public общественный
land наземный
sea морской
air воздушный
go by ship/train/coach/ plane плыть на корабле/ездить на поезде/на автобусе/летать на самолёте
go on foot - идти пешком
ride a bike/a motorcycle ездить на велосипеде/мотоцикле
fly/flight летать/рейс
Travelling by train/plane Путешествие на поезде/самолёте
carriage вагон
compartment купе
sleeping car спальный вагон
seat место
see sb off провожать кого-либо
luggage багаж
suitcase чемодан
hand luggage ручная кладь
air ticket билет на самолёт
first class/economy class первый класс/эконом-класс
boarding pass посадочный талон
check-in регистрация на рейс
take off/land взлетать/приземляться
security check контроль безопасности
crew экипаж (самолёта)
customs control таможня
passport control паспортный контроль
ticket office (booking office) билетная касса
single ticket/one way ticket билет в один конец
return ticket билет туда-обратно
departure/arrival вылет/прилёт
be delayed задерживаться
timetable/schedule расписание
Accommodation Проживание
B&B (bed and breakfast) гостиница типа «проживание и завтрак»
boarding house пансион (проживание и питание)
camping park кемпинг, лагерная стоянка
campus accommodation проживать в общежитии
guest house небольшая гостиница
hotel отель
inn гостиница
lodge охотничий домик
motel мотель
resort hotel курортный отель
youth hostel молодёжный хостел
restaurant with rooms ресторан с комнатами для съёма
self-catering апарт-отель, путешествовать дикарём
serviced apartment апартаменты (с бытовой техникой)
single/double room номер на одного/двоих

Топик Travelling — Путешествие

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