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At the immigration Service
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A curious case...

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LearnEnglishBest / Анекдоты / How Rome Fell

The other day there were two guys walking into the gym commenting on how they had gotten redundant by riding their bike to the gym to use an excercycle. A few days later I heard two complaining about the long walk up the stairs into the building. When I was leaving, I saw the one who had been complaining working out on a stair-master. Sort of a trend evolving here..I think it goes way back in humankind. Man used to live outside. "It's cold out here" he said. So eventually he came up with (..drum roll..) shelter. Houses. But it's dark in there. So eventually some Einstein comes up with windows. Now there's an invention. Animals still haven't caught on to that one. Look out on your patio long enough and you're sure to see some squirrel walk smack into the sliding glass door (muffled thud). But, now people can also see into your house. So what do they do? Invent curtains. And it's still cold outside. But now warm inside. So food goes bad faster. Refrigeration is invented. But now the butter's too hard to what do you do? Put a little heater in the butter drawer. So it's warmer in the cold in the warm in the cold in the house with the windows that you can neither see in nor out.

And so it goes...

How Rome Fell

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